Bahraini soul / copenhagen livin’, these are the few words that can describe me in brief. I’m Fatima, originally from Bahrain but lived most of my life in Denmark. While studying I moved around and lived in Brighton, San Diego and New York. Living in different countries, and being around diverse cultures gave me an even stronger desire to travel and discover the beauty of this world. I love to explore places and get inspired from different cultures. I feel that the best way to learn is by traveling.

I basically live by the philosophy that says “To Travel is to Live”.

After creating an instagram account @voguenvagabonds to share my experience and give my readers tips, I decided to add a website to it so I can write more in details about my journey and the different destinations in hope to inspire my readers. The main aim of this website is to share my experience in different countries, recommend places, accommodations and tips. I hope you will be inspired and enjoy this adventure with me.

If you click on blog you would be able to discover the different destinations that I have visited. 

Get inspired, or simply dream yourself away through these beautiful locations and pictures! 

Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy!