I have always wanted to create unique trips that are designed only for girls to give them the opportunity to travel around the world. To empower them to discover and explore.

After a succesful trip to Bali, followed by a fantastic trip to Marrakech I have now decided to organise a trip to BAHRAIN, my home country. 

Everyone usually goes to Dubai, not knowing that right besides it is a hidden gem called Bahrain. A place with less tourists and more authenticity. And what better way to explore it than with a local?

The trip is designed from beginning to end, and every detail is taken care of. The girls that are joining will be able to enjoy themselves in luxury surroundings, while exploring the culture, nature and heritage of the country. There will be a good mixture of activities, from sunrise at the beach to visiting a hidden island, to learning pottery, to savoring delicious food and to finally rejuvenating in unique settings. 

Since there is a limited amount of spots, it will be based on first come first serve. After the registration deadline the girls will receive an email with the next steps regarding payment and their booking details.

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1. Do you pay directly at registration

No, you register first and fill in your information without payment. After the deadline a group of 6-7 girls will be formed and they will receive more details regarding the payment. If you cannot pay everything at once, the payment is done over 2 instalments. 

2. If many register, how do you choose the girls?

A combination of first come first serve (registration deadline), and creating a group that matches and that is dynamic and diverse

3. Can you help us finding a flight ticket?

Yes, you can note that in the registration or email me on voguenvagabonds@gmail.com and I'll be happy to assist you. 

4. What is the exact schedule?

You will receive the full itinerary from beginning to end after registration as well as the booking details. Nevertheless most activities are already mentioned above, so it will be more about adding a list some amazing food places, spas, and other fun things to do. 

5. what type of villa/Riad is it?

It's usually luxury and private villas.