Barcelona is poderosa..

just like they sing in the movie by woody Allen Vicky Christina Barcelona. It means Barcelona is powerful, and that is exactly the word I would use to describe such a fantastic city. If you have never been there, then it is a must see and if you have then you will eventually return.  

Where to stay? 

There are plenty of great and charming areas in Barcelona, so no matter what you choose it will be good.  We stayed at La casa de Antonio, located in the very heart of Barcelona (close to Placa de Catalunya) and by walking distance to all the main areas, except for the beach where you would need to take the metro. It is a guesthouse, which is very modern, stylish and clean. It was the perfect choice for a 3 nights stay.

 What to do?

I am not able to list all the possible activities that one can do in Barcelona, because I am sure that there is an unlimited list, and different activities for each taste. I am therefore going to mention a few that I did in order to inspire future travelers.

1)     Mercat de la boqueria

This amazing food market is just off La Rambla, and is very popular for both locals and tourist. There is a vast selection of food and fresh products. The building itself is very interesting. If you are looking to grab something fresh and natural then go there and enjoy the atmosphere!


2)     Barceloneta

If you want to swim in the Mediterrean Sea and lie in the sun, then walk around barceloneta and find a spot. Apart from sunbathing, swimming or strolling along the passeig maritim you’ll find many things to see and do on this area. Note this is a very crowded beach in Barcelona, so if you are looking for a more peaceful setting then walk all the way until you stumble upon one.

3)     La pedrera

Casa Milà also known as La pedrera was constructed by Antoni gaudí. Because of its uniqueness and heritage value it was added to the UNESCO heritage list. If you are into art, architecture and aesthetics then this place is a must visit. You pay 20 euros entrance fee and receive an audio in your language, which is a great tool for learning more about the history of this place. 

4)     Passeig de Gracia

If you are looking for serious and intense shopping then this is one of the major avenues in Barcelona. You’ll find everything from the biggest brand names to the most affordable, all of that while enjoying the most iconic buildings. Of course there is more vintage shopping in the small streets around the city, but I dont remember the name of the places, you must stumble upon them. 

 5)     Parc Guëll

Spend an afternoon strolling in this park, which contains amazing stone structures and fascinating buildings. At the top of the park is a terraced area where you will get to see the wonderful view of Barcelona city. In my opinion this is one of the most impressive public parks in the world.  

Where to eat?

Barcelona has an unlimited choice of tapas bars and restaurants. However if you don’t know where to go you will quickly realize that most of the places don’t offer the best food.

As you have might noticed in my previous blog posts, I am very much into healthy and preferably vegetarian food.



If you are in Barcelona, MILK is a must for breakfast and Brunch. It is the perfect alternative to Spanish breakfast, which doesn’t consist of much. If you have a big day planned ahead and want to skip lunch or have a light lunch then this place is a great choice for a big brunch.

2. Brunch and Cake 

It is a very cute and cozy brunch restaurant in downtown Barcelona. They have healthy options and also more delicious indulgences. I highly recommend this place; you’ll have difficulties making a choice because everything on the menu looks great!


3. Zaatar

Is a small vegan/vegetarian place. The name comes from the famous middle- eastern spice, and the menu is ecological friendly. It has great fresh juices, and a very nice vegan lasagna! 

4. Marmalade

Is the bigger sister of the famous MILK. The place has a new york edge to it. Under their brunch menu you’ll find plenty of choices for lunch, for example a delicious salad combined with a smoothie.


5. Teresa Carles

I know you might think I am exaggerating but this is my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the world. I went there with my non-vegetarian friend and she loved it! She said that it was so delicious and filling that she couldn’t even feel that meat was lacking.

The good news is that for the fish lovers, they have their sister restaurant called Flax & Kale. Where they serve vegetarian but fish as well. The food is healthy, tasty & sustainable! And it doesn’t stop there, they have Teresa’s juicery as well, which offers different type of organic juices.

6. Mariscco

This restaurant has the perfect location, right in the heart of the Gothic quarter in Plaza Real. The vibe and the atmosphere of this square is always lively! Mariscco offers indoor seating as well as an open air terrace. Their selection of seafood is very good and the quality/taste is amazing! A must try while in Barcelona, especially for fresh seafood right from the Mediterranean. 

A few extra tips

Explore el born neighborhood it’s quite charming. Sip a cocktail on one the rooftops, perhaps La Isabella at Hotel 1988.

Hope you enjoyed reading, and can use some of the tips :)