"Top 10 things to do in Copenhagen during summer"

Summer is my favorite time in Copenhagen. If we get lucky then the weather is just perfect! The sun is shinning and people are happy and smiling. There are also plenty of activities and things to do during summer. I think tourists should think like travelers and go beyond nyhavn and the little mermaid. 

Here are my top favorite, most of them are in Copenhagen but a few are in the surroundings. Note they are not listed in favourite order, just randomly on what I could come up with first. If you click on each you will be automatically directed to their website. 

1. Papirøen

Take the boat from nyhavn to papirøen (5min), and choose among a wide selection of dishes from around the world. There are many food stands that offer the perfect blend of different flavours that you can enjoy while looking at the perfect view of the water.

2. Møller

Have brunch at møller. They offer delicious and healthy food! Try the “fried egg”you wont regret it! The place, concept and design is as Danish as it can get. 

3. Zulu Summerbio

Enjoy a movie under the stars. Zulu summerbio takes place during august in different parks around Copenhagen. Check their calendar online and pick the movie of your choice. Remember to take a blanket, it can sometimes get chilly

4. Goboat

Take your friends/family and rent the boat for 30min. You can bring your own food and beverage on board and sail around the charming canals of københavn. Experience Copenhagen at your own pace. 

5. Ice coffee from PARADIS

Paradis is a famous ice cream shop known for their delicious ice-cream, but what you don’t know is that their ice espresso is even better! Try the one with the vanilla ice cream! You will go crazy!

6. Louisiana

Museum of Modern Art, they always have some great exhibitions, and the surrounding is stunning!

7. Møns Klint

Also known as the chalk cliffs that stretches along the eastern coast of Denmark. The view of the beach and the cliffs is breathtaking. 

8. Kødbyens Foodmarket

A market that takes place every weekend, to gather people and food :)

9. Frederiksberg Garden

There are so many parks in Copenhagen, but my favorite remains Frederiksberg Garden. it's big and beautiful, and there is something royal about it. 

10. Stroll around the lakes 

If you want to go from Vesterbro (west copenhagen) to Nørrebro (North), then stroll around the 4 lakes until you arrive at Dronning louises bridge. The walk is peaceful and full of charm. 

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