Crete, a pearl in the Mediterranean sea. 

Summer in Copenhagen was rainy as usual so a last minute getaway was absolutely needed.

When booking last minute trips I have my two favorite servers. If I’m looking to travel for one week and flexible regarding the dates then I use If I’m looking to customize my last minute trip and want to do it for shorter or longer than the usual 7 days deal I use

It seemed like everyone was spending their summer by the beach and the sun and sharing inspiring pictures of different islands around the Mediterranean Sea. I have never been to Greece before so together with a friend we decided to pick one of the islands, and our choice fell on Crete!

We got a perfect offer for 5 days through expedia for 3000kr for the hotel & Flight.

Crete simply has it all! It is Greece’s largest island and home to so many magical spots. Here you can explore glorious beaches, impressive mountainscapes, charming small towns and much more. Once I stumbled upon a list of best beaches in the world and Elafonisi in Crete was mentioned as one of them. I knew I had to live somewhere close to that piece paradise.

We had the choice to stay either in Chania, Kissamos or Heraklion. Although Kissamos was the smallest and the less touristy we decided on this one! Our choice was based on the fact that it was closer to Balos lagoon and Elafonisi, and within a quick bus ride we could be in Chania in no time.

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We flew with SAS and it was a direct flight to Chania airport. We were travelling on a vagabond style and not the usual vogue one, so we skipped the taxi, which would have cost 75 euros. Instead we took a bus to Chania for 2,5 euros and then another bus to Kissamos for 5 euros. So basically a total of 7,5 euros and only 1 hour of public transport. Kissamos is a small town by the beach. The streets are very charming and the center is tiny but so peaceful. There are great places to choose from: cute restaurants, juice bars, bakery, supermarkets and small shops.

We didn’t spend much time in Kissamos. We had a full day there to explore the beach and the town and to taste the delicious and traditional feta and spinach pastry.  The rest of the time we were taking trips to the beautiful beaches nearby.


Balos Lagoon.

One of our trips was to Balos lagoon. We reserved the trip from balos travel.

We took the bus from our hotel to kissamos harbor and then we sailed with a ferry all the way to Balos. It took almost an hour.

The ferry was over packed with so many tourists and there was almost no space to sit, which was quite uncomfortable. Although the trip seemed claustrophobic and long it was really worth it when we reached close to the shore of “paradise”. During the summer, Balos is visited by thousands of people, who arrive mostly by the ferries running from Kissamos port. If you do not like crowds, you’d better avoid visiting the beach in July and August. Or you can arrive very early morning to enjoy a few hours of remoteness that will remain in your memory forever.

Balos is famous for its turquoise waters, the wild natural beauty and the beautiful exotic scenery. It was truly a piece of paradise.



Another day trip that we took, which I wish could have lasted forever is to Elafonisi.

Elafonisi is also known as the pink beach because of the color of the sand. Pink sand is a result of tiny red organisms that grow on the dead coral reefs and pieces of shells, which fall to the ocean floor and is washed onto shore.

Elafonisi is indescribably beautiful and if I had to choose one word I would describe it as dreamscape.

One tip is avoid staying where all the crowd is, which is basically when you first get out of the bus. Instead walk further and find a private spot, which will give you the feeling of having your own private beach.

To get to Elafonisi from Kissamos, we took a bus, which picked us up from our hotel and drove for almost 2 hours. We used the same company Balos travel to make all the reservations and payment online.   

On the way we made a stop for breakfast and on the way back another stop for early dinner.

The bus ride was very comfortable and smooth.


Our last day we spend it in Chania and I was simply astonished by the beauty of this town.

The atmosphere has a touch of Florence and Venice combined with the culture and character of Cretan people and traditions. The Town is a romantic place to stroll around, with Medieval architecture, elegant mansions and a wonderful Venetian port, the most famous spot of the town.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of each and every corner and I was so impressed by the beauty and Charm of Chania.

We spent the entire day wandering around and admiring our surroundings.



Hope you enjoyed reading :) stay tuned for the full video of the trip on YouTube soon.