When planning a vacation it is not too often that you hear people choosing Ghana, but I’m glad I did! Ghana offers unique and worthwhile experiences, and I would like to share some of them with you.

Beaches & pools

White sands: a true paradise and a must visit. It is described as the most exclusive chic hotel and beach resort. An entrance fee is charged but gives you access to different pools and a beautiful beach. You have the choice to stay overnight but the chalets are quite expensive. We slept at one of the neighbor resorts and spend the entire day at white sands.

Ada: The Ghana version of the Hamptons. It’s a group of small islands with resorts and private villas almost 2 hours away from Accra. If you have the opportunity to go there, it’s breathtaking!


Apart from visiting the heavenly beaches, Accra offers a variety of entertainment. If you want to party like the locals then you should go to Afrikiko. A nice outdoor place where you get to test your dancing skills by following a leading dancer. Beside the dance stage, there are restaurants, bars and option to smoke shisha.

Get educated!

While most of us think that our electronics are recycled properly, at Agbogloshie is where they actually end; The world’s largest e-waste dump located in Accra. This place is an eye opener for the rest of the world. While visiting Ghana I encourage you to pay a visit, and walk around to experience the true feeling on how families and children live there. The toxic chemicals in the air are damaging for human health, and most of these people die because of this.