When you hear Ibiza you immediately associate it with party. The truth is that Ibiza is so much more than just a party island; actually it only applies to a very small part of the island. Before choosing our destination, we wanted culture, landscapes, great ambiance and beautiful beaches and we felt that Ibiza covered it all. One week in Ibiza was enough to explore the island. You must rent a car in order to make the best out of your stay, and if your budget allows you then you should rent a jeep because some of the roads to the beach are bumpy and if the jeep is convertible than it’s a real plus because of the fantastic weather.

We went there first week of June, which was the beginning of the season so it wasn’t as busy or crazy, but if you go during the peak season (July/august) then you should expect it to be very busy. It’s always very difficult to cover an entire trip, so I will write about what I think is most relevant: Beaches, places to eat and things to do and where I would recommend that you stay.


The beaches in Ibiza are amazingly beautiful. I felt like I was in the Caribbean and each beach kept impressing me more and more.

1.     Cala Salada

My absolute favorite beach on the island! This beach is a 10-15 min drive from San Antonio. It is not a long beach, that is why it is called cala (which means small beach in Spanish), but the water is crystal clear and the scenery is beautiful! A few locals around you sell fresh juices, cocktails, food and even clothing, but not in a crazy annoying way. Go there on a weekday it will be less crowded than a weekend.  I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves. 

1.     Cala Conta

This cala is a bit bigger than cala salada and it also offers a variety of watersports. Moreover it has a lovely restaurant with great seating and a wide option of tasty seafood. This beach is a bit more crowded and has a louder ambiance to it.


2.     Formentera

All the beaches in Formentera are impressive; you cannot go wrong whichever beach you decide to visit. Formentera is a island 40min from Ibiza by boat. To get there take the boat from Ibiza port (Ibiza town) early morning in order to make the most out of your day there. Take the aqua bus ferryboats it is much cheaper. You can rent a scooter for 20 euros/day and visit different beaches. We didn’t have that much time so we spent most of our time on Playa de ses Lletes. 


1.     Passion Café

This is my favorite place on the entire island. Great for breakfast, lunch and diner and we were so obsessed that we ate there for each meal. The concept is healthy, fresh food with a great choice of juices. They also have options for vegan and vegeterians. It has 4 locations around the island, but the best one is Ibiza Marina, it’s the coziest!


2.     The skinny kitchen

Located in San Antonio is this cosy place. They serve healthy food as well as a great breakfast menu. For lunch they also give you the option to make your own burrito (with different healthy ingredients). Their concept is based on fitness and fit people, so the number of calories, fat, protein are mentioned next to each meal. The only thing I didn’t like is that most of their juices are not made with fresh ingredients, but mixed with concentrated juice.

3.     Restaurante Es Boldado

This restaurant is located close to Cala D’Hort and serves freshly caught seafood and amazing paellas! The view is directly on the magnificient Es Vedrá rock, and the setting is wonderful and peaceful. 


1.     Watch the sunset by Café del mar

This popular place in San Antonio attracts a lot of people to watch the sunset, while music is playing in the background. Make sure to go there in good time to find a spot and enjoy the view!

2.     Go to the hippy Market

Ibiza is famous for their hippy history, and which better way to discover it and learn more then by going to the hippy market. The hippy market is open every Wednesday in Es Cana and every Saturday in San Carlos. You will find so many small treasures and nice souvenirs (clothes, accessories and much more).


3.     Stroll around Ibiza old town

Take a walk all the way to Ibiza town’s romantic medieval castle Dalt Vila. Enjoy the Mediterranean vibe and atmosphere. Take a break to enjoy a fresh juice or ice cream. 

4.     Do water sports

Ibiza is an island! You must do watersports. Go to playa las Salinas and you'll be faced with unlimited options!

5.     the top of Ibiza’s highest hill Sa Talaia

The walk is strenuous and hot – take a hat and water – but the views from the top are out of this world, and on a clear day you can see both Mallorca and the mainland.

Where to stay 

San Antonio? Ibiza town? The North? It all depends on what you are looking for.

1.     San Antonio

It is the party part of the island, but not the classy/ big parties, but in my eyes the trashy ones.

2.     Ibiza Town

Located in the center of Ibiza, this is a great choice for everyone. It is close to San Antonio and to the North.

3.     The North of the island

Ibiza’s north is famous for its bohemian, laidback lifestyle and gorgeous scenery. It has a reputation for yoga retreats, wellness and healing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and that it was helpful and inspiring. If you have any questions/comments/feedback don't hesitate to fill in the form under contact. It would be my pleasure to receive any.