My first stop in Colombia was Bogotá. I will always remember this city as being grey and very strange. The division between the nice neighborhoods and the less fortunate was pretty obvious. Walking around the city I saw graffiti, abandoned areas and industrial zones. Although I heard so much about it, I didn't have the best impression of Bogotá nor the best feeling. I only spent 2 days there and I felt that it was enough.

If you visit Bogotá,  a great place that I would recommend while there is Andrés Carne de res; a restaurant like no other, the place has a crazy ambiance and good food. I am not going to spoil it, I think you should try it out and be the judge


After 2 days in Bogotá I had to fly to Armenia to spend 2 more days because we had a conference with work. I didn’t get the chance to explore much of Armenia, but the few things that I saw made me want to come again. The city is beautiful, surrounded by mountains, coffee plantations and plantains.


My favorite of all cities was Cartagena, located on the north coast of Colombia and facing the Caribbean Sea. When I first arrived I could immediately feel the Caribbean vibe, the relaxed atmosphere and I knew that this journey was going to be great. The city has basically two main parts where tourists go: the walled colonial city ("ciudad amurallada"), which is truly amazing and has many fancy restaurants, clubs and hotels; and a long strip of hotel towers and condos fronting onto the beach, known as Bocagrande.


We slept at the Hotel Dann Cartagena, rated as 8,9/10 on The hotel is located with direct access to bocagrande beach. It has very nice with spacious rooms and a buffet breakfast. The hotel is 10 km from the airport and a 5min drive from the historical centre. I would highly recommend it both in terms of comfort and location.


  • Visit the historic centre which is the old city. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich history, the diverse culture and the beautiful architecture all at once. The culture is one of the components of Cartagena's intangible heritage. It can be lived, felt, smelled and tasted.
  • The Rosario Islands is a small archipelago made up of 27 tiny islands located south of the Bay of Cartagena, about one hour away by boat. This is where you will find white sand and crystal clear water that you associate with Caribbean paradise. Isla de Barú and its most famous beach playa blanca is where you will find the picturesque scene that you usually see on a postcard. If you are staying at a hotel in Cartagena then most of them organise day trips to isla de Barú. If you are looking to get there by yourself then take a taxi to the big market of Cartagena “Mercado Bazurto” from there small boats are leaving to playa blanca. The boat ride is around 40 min and you have to pay around 11 dollars. If you are in Cartagena you MUST go to The rosario islands.