Playing tourists

There are so many things to do in New York and so many places to see. I’ll try to do my best to organise my posts by categories, so I can cover the must see places but also where I think it’s nice to go.

I usually don’t like to go where all the crazy tourists are, it’s crowded, cost a lot of money and people are taking random pictures like crazy!

But there are certain places that you have to visit when in New York, especially if it’s your first time.

The Brooklyn bridge: gives you a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. Take the blue line to High street then walk across the bridge all the way back to Manhattan. I recommend you go there a short while before the sunset; the view is absolutely stunning.

Ground zero: combine your Brooklyn bridge experience with ground zero. When you arrive to Manhattan it’s a very short walk from the bridge. A huge fountain of water has replaced ground zero. The only reason I added this to the list is because you can do it right after the Brooklyn Bridge, otherwise it’s not really a big deal.

Central park: this is my favorite place of all! You can go there anytime of the day and it will always be beautiful! It’s the perfect getaway from the stress of the city and gives you peace of mind. I suggest you go there during the day.

5th avenue: You see it in the movie; New York is famous for it and this street is what people have in mind when they think of the big apple. No need to say more just explore it and you’ll see the iconic buildings of NYC.