"Paradise Island"

After visiting several islands such as Cuba, Sardinia, Crete, Zanzibar, Ibiza, Isla de baru I thought I have already seen the most beautiful water, but that changed as soon as I was in the sky preparing for landing to the Seychelles.

Even from above the island looked like a small piece of paradise. Crystal clear water, surrounded by rich forest, beautiful nature and mountains.

The culture of the Seychelles is a melting pot because of the different type of people who settled the islands. French settlers, Chinese merchants and british colonials each of them contributed to the remarkable cultural combination of the Seychelles. The dominant culture is creole a mix of French and African. Most people from the Seychelles speak creole, although English and French are also widely spoken. 

There are two type of ways to travel to the Seychelles, the low cost and high end. If you want to go low cost, you can choose one of the hotels or guesthouses around Beau Vallon. They are quite reasonable in price, and the area is very nice with a long stretch of white sand and turquoise water. You can get around by foot or public transport, because taxis are quite expensive. Nevertheless, the Seychelles is not a cheap place, and not really a place you go to for low cost or back packing type of holidays. It’s a tiny island, attracting mainly honeymooners, or people looking for the perfect escape. Almost everything is imported making the prices on the high end. 

We stayed at the four seasons on Mahe island by Petite Anse area in the south. We chose the four seasons because we were looking for the perfect getaway type of holidays, with nice food, excellent service, beautiful beach and easy accessibility to everywhere. The type of holidays where you forget the rest of the world. The four seasons was beyond our expectations! For more pictures and prices check out their link.  

Each villa has a private pool, an outdoor seating area and even an outdoor bed, and is very secluded so you have all the privacy in the world. The beach is absolutely breathtaking, the food is delicious and the service on top! I was so sad when I had to leave because the place is just so special, and it made me realise that there is so much beauty in this world. 

Mahe Island is 4 hours’ flight from Dubai, so you can get there pretty easily with Emirates. Although it’s the main island and where the airport is, it’s not the only island in the Seychelles, there are plenty more. The famous ones are La digue & Prasline. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to go to any of the other islands because the boat rides were fully booked. Therefore, remember to plan your itinerary well in advance. This will allow you better opportunities to do different activities.

Regarding the length of our trip, it was 5 days in total and it was just perfect! We managed to enjoyed the four seasons, as well as to visit the entire island. It was during the month of March and the weather was also perfect! 

All is all if you are looking to escape somewhere mesmerising, then the Seychelles is the place to go to! 

I hope to return one day :)