Planning your trip in 2017, here are my favourite destinations

2016 has been a very active year for me in terms of travels. I visited so many beautiful places that it was hard for me to narrow it down to my top 5 favorite. My list is based on countries/cities that have made an impact on my soul in terms of history, culture, beauty and vibe. I decided to share this list to inspire those traveling this year. If you want to read more about each place you can visit the blog section.



Oman is a country of breathtaking natural beauty and unique landscapes. What characterizes Oman is the fact that it is the only country in the gulf that does not give permission to build skyscrapers, allowing it to keep its charm and old houses.What I really enjoyed about Oman is the rich history and culture that you feel in Muscat.  And if you move 2 hours beyond Muscat you will be astonished by the beautiful Wadis (valleys) surrounded by brown mountains and turquoise waters.


If you are looking for laid-back beach holidays that you can combine with cultural discovery, delicious food, and extremely hospital people then this is the place to visit. I mostly enjoyed the spice tour, visiting Prison- Island, wandering around stone town and swimming in the crystal clear water.


My favourite destination of 2016 was definitely Cuba. I didn’t feel that it was the usual holidays, when leaving Cuba I felt that I have been on a educative journey where I learned so much about the relation between history, politics and culture. Cuba is so fascinating, and you really feel that you have been taken back in time. You must do 2 or 3 cities around the country, because each one offers something different.


From Buddhist temples and historical palaces to high tech subways and skryscrapeers. Seoul combines the ancient with the modern. I was fascinated by how clean Seoul was and how sweet and polite the people are. The underground malls, and the latest fashion and beauty trends impressed me. For foodies this is a great place, so many delicious options (escpecially their bibimbap)


Before visiting crete I had so many prejudice about how touristy and horrible this place must be during summer.  Once in Crete I wondered why I never visited this island any earlier! If you want to avoid the tourist mass, don’t stay in Chania stay somewhere outside.  Crete is so beautiful that I stopped at each corner to take pictures. It’s such magical place with splendid beaches, dreamy villages and ancient treasures.