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1.    cala salada (Ibiza)


When you think of the most beautiful beaches in the world you associate it with crystal clear water, white sand and beautiful paradisiac surroundings. You think of an island far away in the middle of nowhere, like Maldives or Fiji. It doesn’t necessarily need to be far to be gorgeous. Just take the plane to Ibiza and you will find the most beautiful beaches ever. Very few sunbeds, Ibiza locals and clean turquoise water is what describes cala salada.

I must also add that Ibiza has many gorgeous beaches and another one of my favourite places with stunning beaches is formentera island, reachable by fairy 30 min from Ibiza.









2.    Elafonisi (Greece)


Elafonisi lies in the southern part of Crete, about 75km from Chania. During high seasonthe beach is a popular summertime destination, and iis filled with tourists and locals coming to enjoy this beautiful place.

Elafonisi is also know as the pink beach. The rose colored sands are caused by particles from pink coral and shells that have been ground into fine sand by years of erosion.










3.    Koh Phi Phi (Thailand)


Azure water, unspoiled beaches and fantastic diving and snorkeling is what best describes this beautiful island. It is easily accessible from Phuket by speed boat and as soon as you approach the island you can see the sheer cliffs and beach fronted jungle.

Koh Phi Phi has a reputation of being very laid back and truly a great place for some beach holidays.











4.    Isla de baru (Colombia)


Isla de baru is also known as home to playa blanca (white beach), is one hour away from Cartagena by boat. As the name says it, a white sand beach with clears carribean water. I spent the day eating fresh fruit and fried fish under the sun, and cooling in waters that is of perfect temperature.






5.    Tanzania (Zanzibar)


The shores of East Africa are lapped by the Indian Ocean; brilliantly blue and beautifully warm, it creates beaches to dream about.

Zanzibar is blessed og glorious white beaches, that anywhere you go in the island you will be able to find a piece of paradise. In addition Zanzibar has so much to offer than only a beach holiday, the people, the culture, the food, all of it makes it one of my favorite places.